Philip Bowser


We all start here-
someone gives you a camera and you figure out how to use it. Decades later, the amount you need to learn seems no smaller. If anything, there is even more to absorb.

I enjoy the process of making images based on photography. Maybe a little too much. Times when I'm not officially working, I'm still noticing light and imagining what would happen if I captured some. Ideas bubble up, unbidden, and demand to be made into prints.

Maybe this is because there is no better feeling than what comes from layering feelings and mood and little surprises into an image, showing that print, and then having someone else "get it" completely. Not everybody resonates, of course. 

Visual communication can be tricky and difficult. But sometimes people fall in love with one of my pieces, and they take it home with them.

This is me reaching out to you-by showing you a few of my favorite images. Rather than flood you with hundreds at once, I'll present some of my favorites one at a time. 

If it magnetically attracts your attention-let me know. I'll get busy and make prints for you, numbered and signed, on archival paper, in a size that works for your space, ready for addition to your personal collection.

People sometimes hesitate to invest in works on paper. The substrate is by nature fragile. That's why I will reprint any image that degrades at no charge; simply return it for a replacement.

Just let me know-
Click the link and emailing will commence!

That email link is also a good way to send in comments about the work, ask about collaborating on a project, suggest changes to this website, report the weather in your area, etc. Can't wait to see what you send back to me!

Philip Bowser
Portland, Oregon 97202, USA

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